An IT solution means nothing without the professionals who configure it for you

how we work

The implementation process of IT solutions is complex and must be executed with precision, efficiently. That is why we have created METRICS, our unique implementation methodology.

Purpose, resources and time

METRICS ensures that we can attain the agreed goals together within the boundaries of time and allocated resources. This precision is the result of a close collaboration between our customers and us, and of the thoroughness with which we approach each project.

All decisions are taken together

Once we have begun a project, we share a common purpose with our clients, and we believe that we need to work as a team in order to succeed. That is why we have 5 “Steering committee meetings” during which we discuss and we make the key decisions together.

We offer you permanent control

By documenting the project through activity reports, meeting minutes, status reports, project plans and test results, we permanently keep you up to date on everything that we are doing.

Don’t let your guard down. We need professionals like you.

Doru Spac - IT Manager, Leumi Bank
Doru Spac – IT Manager, Leumi Bank

The pleasure, ease and motivation to work with the ‘Matricia people’ cannot be explained, but must be experienced.

Mariela Bucullei, Operations Director - Leumi Bank
Mariela Bucullei, Operations Director – Leumi Bank

OnBase = Everything is possible, just ask.

Daniel Crisan - Finance Manager, Scandia
Daniel Crisan – Finance Manager, Scandia

The Matricia team delivers results of the highest quality through their professionalism and knowledge. They have a deep understanding of business needs and always respect the agreed constraints.

Edouard Chapuis, Infomed Fluids
Edouard Chapuis, Infomed Fluids

Always a pleasure to be next to our best partner that I’ve ever managed.

Guray Turan, Regional Manager - Hyland Software
Guray Turan, Regional Manager – Hyland Software

They are the most knowledgeable partner I know. Definitely one of our best partners in the world. Their technical capabilities on OnBase are outstanding!

Pierre Francois - Sales Solutions Engineer, Hyland Software
Pierre Francois – Sales Solutions Engineer, Hyland Software


Our 5 Steps for a Successful Implementation



Our consultants understand your organisation’s needs. Together, we establish and agree upon the project’s objectives and the allocated resources, and then develop the execution plan.




We configure and optimise the solutions to suit your organisation’s needs. The platform will adapt to your processes. we make sure that it also works perfectly with your other existing systems.




Together with the key users, we create test scenarios that can cover the processes and established objectives. Under our consultants’ supervision, you will test the application and decide whether it does what you expect it to.




Once we have implemented the system, we will teach your key employees to make use of it, so that it can have maximum ROI. The key users within your organisation will train and prepare the rest of the users based on the manuals that our consultants prepare.



Data Migration

Before we came into the landscape, all your data was stored in documents, folders or other applications. We will help you and create the necessary environment so that we can move the data to the newly implemented system.

Data Migration

Maintenance and Support

Once the solution is implemented and functional, we can take care of it. Anytime you need help, we are there for you. We can help you maintain it, update it and modify and extend it whenever you desire.

We’re here for the long run.

Let’s see what we can do in your organisation!