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OnBase transforms these processes, he simplifies them and reduces the necessary resources to fulfil it. The intelligent capture, case and document management as well as workflow automation work together to transform the way you deal with garnishments.

Captura si stocare: de la hartie la date structurate, in siguranta

Hartia dispare, documentele nu mai pot fi pierdute, nu mai trebuie organizate in dosare si sertare, ci sunt toate in siguranta stocate in OnBase, usor de gasit, instantaneu. Banca dispune de o perspectiva 360 asupra cazurilor de poprire ale fiecarui client, cu istoric si documentele aferente. Procesul este simplificat, resurse sunt salvate, timpul este economisit si riscul de erori scade.

intelege orice format

OnBase – Flux Popriri permite captura inteligenta a documentelor din orice format, transformand hartiile in date structurate prin identificarea informatiilor relevante de pe ele.

organizeaza informatia

Prin OnBase, toate datele asociate unui client sau unui caz sunt puse la un loc, usor de gasit. Fluxul de popriri poate apela oricand la ele.

lucreaza cu sistemul tau

Prin integrarea cu sistemul de core banking, OnBase – Flux Popriri isi poate lua datele si documentele necesare din sistemul de baza.

ofera acces instant

Angajatii bancii capata acces instantaneu, simultan, oricand si oriunde, la documentele asociate cazului prin cautarea ei cu ajutorul keywords (numele clientului, data, numele cazului) sau gasirea ei in interfata intuitiva de tip “folders”.

are grija de ele

OnBase – Creditare Electronica stocheaza inteligent documentele, in siguranta si cu istoric de accesare, deci ofera compatibilitate 100% cu normele GDPR.

Automated workflows: fast, efficient and error-free

Once the processes are cleverly automated, their speed increases and the risk of errors disappears. Each process requires fewer internal resources and, being faster and less prone to errors, actively increases the quality of your services and the customer satisfaction.

he does everything alone

OnBase automates processes like the approval flow. He can send the application containing the data and documents to the key users to be read, approved or signed.

he checks the information

By identifying the relevant information from the documents, OnBase can make sure that the documents are in order, complete and correct, and notify the personnel in case something is missing.

he understands your system

OnBase can automatically check if a certain payment has been made from the core banking system. This way, he can automatically free the assets.

he does everything by the book

An automated workflow means eliminating the risk of deviating from the processes, it means compliance.

he can sign without a pen

OnBase can use qualified electronic signature. This way, the time spent printing, signing and scanning back is recovered.

Visibility and traceability: next-level services

OnBase offers a complete view over the processes that occur within the bank, traceability and history. Clients receive more relevant information regarding their applications and the risk of error is reduced. The processes can be optimised to perfection.

you can see everything

OnBase allows you to monitor every single process, to track the stage in which a certain application is and to create activity reports.

you can respond promptly

Anytime a client wishes to know the stage in which his application is, he can receive an answer on the spot from a bank employee or by checking it himself through an external portal.

he makes sure you’re quick

Bottlenecks can be easily identified and eliminated while documents can no longer be lost.

he knows all he needs

Through its security systems, its traceability and information history, OnBase ensures compliance with all bank norms and procedures, making audits easier and faster.

he helps you optimise

By creating relevant performance reports, OnBase allows you to monitor the performance of your department and to optimise the processes to perfection, for a better customer service and a more efficient way of doing things.

One platform, unlimited potential.