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It has never been this straightforward

OnBase can manage all documents, cases and processes within your hospital, in order for you to save resources, to improve by simplifying and to reduce the risk of errors.

Managing documents and data

he puts everything in one place

OnBase can manage all documents and data in your hospital, from financials to insurance, from patient files to prescriptions, medical imaging and documents related to disinfectants or other consumables and to medical machinery.

he structures information

OnBase stores and organises documents and data in a logical manner, easy to find, structured, identifying all the key information and placing it a click away.

he offers seamless instant access

All the documents can be accessed by simultaneous users, from different locations by using keywords (department name, doctor’s name, patient’s name, case, date, etc.).

he brings the actors closer

As all the data regarding patients and the case are in one place, referring a patient to another doctor is easy, as the one who takes over the patient can easily access all the necessary information regarding them (current prescriptions, recent diagnostics, medical imaging, other analyses).

he works with your system

OnBase works perfectly with systems that you already use in your hospital. He can even be accessed through their familiar interface. Thus, the way employees work does not have to change.

he keeps everything safe

Security is crucial for OnBase, that is why all the confidential medical data are encrypted and can only be accessed by authorised users. OnBase creates a clear history for each document, such that each interaction with it can be tracked. Confidentiality is therefore improved with OnBase.

Managing business cases

he does it all

OnBase can manage all kinds of business cases, from appointments to referrals, internal notes between doctors and departments.

he brings you closer to the patients

With OnBase, appointments can be done directly by patients through external portals such that they can then be processed by the appointment flow. OnBase can manage the doctors’ schedules and automatically place the patient in the nearest empty slot.

he connects the doctors

OnBase facilitates referrals. The doctor must complete the referral form with the relevant data, and the appointment to the corresponding hospital employee will be automatically done by OnBase. The new doctor will immediately know what the case is all about.

can it be easier?

All of these things can be performed directly from the hospital’s current system, without the need of learning a new interface.

Process management

he deals with the processes

OnBase automates all processes within the hospital through its workflow module.

he manages them by himself

OnBase can automate procedures which require documents and cases within the hospital, from financial ones to insurance, diagnostic procedures, acquisitions of consumables, food, disinfectants and medicine.

he doesn’t make mistakes.

All the standardised processes that must respect strict norms (expiration dates for disinfectants) can be performed without the risk of errors with OnBase’s automated flows.

you can rely on him

Depending on the flow, OnBase will know what kind of data and documents are needed and through which processes these must go.

he helps you respond instantly

OnBase offers full visibility and traceability on the processes such that each step can be tracked. This way, bottlenecks are eliminated and patients can find out the status of their cases immediately.

he helps you become better

OnBase generates activity reports that can help you visualise the hospital’s performance, the personnel and the bottlenecks, in order to optimise processes and provide the services your patients deserve.

Unlimited versatility, yet incredible safety.

The Matricia team delivers results of the highest quality through their professionalism and knowledge. They have a deep understanding of business needs and always respect the agreed constraints.

Edouard Chapuis, Infomed Fluids
Edouard Chapuis, Infomed Fluids

Don’t let your guard down. We need professionals like you.

Doru Spac - IT Manager, Leumi Bank
Doru Spac – IT Manager, Leumi Bank

The pleasure, ease and motivation to work with the ‘Matricia people’ cannot be explained, but must be experienced.

Mariela Bucullei, Operations Director - Leumi Bank
Mariela Bucullei, Operations Director – Leumi Bank

OnBase = Everything is possible, just ask.

Daniel Crisan - Finance Manager, Scandia
Daniel Crisan – Finance Manager, Scandia

Always a pleasure to be next to our best partner that I’ve ever managed.

Guray Turan, Regional Manager - Hyland Software
Guray Turan, Regional Manager – Hyland Software

They are the most knowledgeable partner I know. Definitely one of our best partners in the world. Their technical capabilities on OnBase are outstanding!

Pierre Francois - Sales Solutions Engineer, Hyland Software
Pierre Francois – Sales Solutions Engineer, Hyland Software