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Thousands of documents and data stored safely in intelligent databases, the automation of clear procedures and a seamless interaction between the client, the insurance provider and the broker through portals are just some of the way in which OnBase can transform your customer’s experience.

A 360-degree view over clients: all their data easy-to-find, and secure.

Paper disappears, it can no longer be lost, it does not have to be stored in folders and cabinets as all the documents are safely in OnBase, easy to find. The user gains a 360-degree view over the clients, their data, documents and interactions. The quality of your services increases, just like customer satisfaction, substantially, while the saved resources are put to better use.


OnBase allows the capture and storage of structured information and documents related to a client in order to automatically manage the processes that require them.


OnBase detects the relevant data from the documents which enables him to organise and store them logically, to create keywords with which you can easily find them.


The company’s employees gain instant access, simultaneously, whenever and wherever they need, to the information or documents they need through keywords or by finding them in the familiar ‘folders’ interface.

he brings you closer to brokers

Brokers and agents can interact with a client’s file through external portals, secure and controlled, and through the simple interface they can add or complete documents and data.


OnBase integrates impeccably with core insurance systems. Users can access all the OnBase data directly from their known interface while OnBase can retrieve the information he requires from the core system to fulfill various workflows.


OnBase stores data intelligently, encrypting it and ensuring that only authorised users can access it, offering 100% GDPR compliance.

Automated workflows: Fast, effortless, and error-free

When the processes are intelligently automated, their speed increases while the risk of errors decreases. Each process requires fewer internal resources and, as it is quicker and less prone to errors, increases the quality of your services and the customer satisfaction.


By identifying the relevant information in a document, OnBase can make sure that the documents are complete and correct while notifying the personnel in case corrections are required, simplifying the approval flow.


OnBase automates processes like approval flows. He sends the application, containing all the necessary data and documents to the key users to be read, completed, approved or even electronically signed.

he connects you to the brokers

OnBase allows brokers to apply for opening a relationship with the insurance firm for their clients through external portals. They introduce the relevant data and documents, and OnBase begins the necessary processes.


An automated workflow means never deviating from the standardised processes, it means full compliance.


OnBase can use qualified electronic signature. This way, the time used for printing, signing and scanning back the signed document is saved.

Visibility and traceability: next-level services

OnBase offers a complete view over the processes that occur within the bank, traceability and history. Clients receive more relevant information regarding their applications and the risk of error is reduced. The processes can be optimised to perfection.

you can see everything

OnBase allows you to monitor every single process, to track the stage in which a certain application is and to create activity reports.

you can respond promptly

Anytime a client wishes to know the stage in which his application is, he can receive an answer on the spot from an insurance employee or by checking it himself through an external portal.

he makes sure you’re quick

Bottlenecks can be easily identified and eliminated while documents can no longer be lost.

he knows all he needs

Through its security systems, its traceability and information history, OnBase ensures compliance with all insurance norms and procedures, making audits easier and faster.

he helps you optimise

By creating relevant performance reports, OnBase allows you to monitor the performance of your department and to optimise the processes to perfection, for a better customer service and a more efficient way of doing things.

Nothing comes close to it.

Don’t let your guard down. We need professionals like you.

Doru Spac - IT Manager, Leumi Bank
Doru Spac – IT Manager, Leumi Bank

The pleasure, ease and motivation to work with the ‘Matricia people’ cannot be explained, but must be experienced.

Mariela Bucullei, Operations Director - Leumi Bank
Mariela Bucullei, Operations Director – Leumi Bank

OnBase = Everything is possible, just ask.

Daniel Crisan - Finance Manager, Scandia
Daniel Crisan – Finance Manager, Scandia

The Matricia team delivers results of the highest quality through their professionalism and knowledge. They have a deep understanding of business needs and always respect the agreed constraints.

Edouard Chapuis, Infomed Fluids
Edouard Chapuis, Infomed Fluids

Always a pleasure to be next to our best partner that I’ve ever managed.

Guray Turan, Regional Manager - Hyland Software
Guray Turan, Regional Manager – Hyland Software

They are the most knowledgeable partner I know. Definitely one of our best partners in the world. Their technical capabilities on OnBase are outstanding!

Pierre Francois - Sales Solutions Engineer, Hyland Software
Pierre Francois – Sales Solutions Engineer, Hyland Software