Who we are

We are shared purpose

For over ten years, through every single project, we define ourselves through our exceptional services and long-term partnerships based on mutual trust. Your company’s purpose can be our purpose.

We are professionals

We are a team of professionals, IT and business experts, with over 20 years of experience in this industry, dedicated to your company’s future success. Our team of consultants is appreciated by each of our clients for their know-how, level of professionalism, efficiency both in communication and execution as well as their attention to detail.

Together with you, we are a team

Digital transformation is a laborious journey that cannot be executed effectively without a close link between us and our customers. Once we start a project, we become your partners in transformation.

We are our clients’ success

Our purpose is to think of the best solution for your company’s needs, to place information at your fingertips and to simplify and automate processes such that we can save you precious resources. We will always help you top the industry.

We are your partners of tomorrow

Once the solution is implemented, we make sure that it functions properly, we adjust it, optimise it and extend it such that it can satisfy your future business needs. We will solve any problem and guide you. We only do long-term.

The Team

Meet the Executive Team

Horia Negulescu
Horia Negulescu Managing Partner

Horia began his career in this industry as a consultant on ERP systems 22 years ago, taking over Scala Business Solutions as an owner afterwards. In 7 years, Scala accumulated over 200 clients, becoming an important player in the ERP market. After Epicor bought Scala Business Solutions, Horia put together all that he had learned to materialise his vision of what an IT company should be. Alongside a part of his old Scala team, Horia started Matricia.

“My approach with Matricia is centred around two words: trust and pragmatism. Inside the organisation, I trust my team, as I know that each member is serious, dedicated, responsible and ingenious. I know that to successfully accomplish their objectives they need the freedom of their own approach. We always find the simplest solution, the most efficient, the safest, and because we treat our partner’s needs seriously, we win their trust.”

Diana Lungulescu
Diana Lungulescu Managing Partner

Diana has been the Marketing Manager for Scala Business Solutions from ’96 to ’99, when she became the Sales Manager until 2007. Her activity was instrumental to the organisation’s success. Sharing Horia’s vision, she created alongside him Matricia, an organisation that she has been managing for over 10 years. Diana is serious, pragmatic and has an exceptional eye for detail, an indispensable thing in this industry.

“I believe that teams have to be built, that people are the most important resource. A member of the Matricia team has to be able to grow in the organisation alongside us, together with the team, on the long-term. Only this way we can truly work together, and we can transform individual abilities in shared capabilities. Only an organisation in which people come to work with a sense of purpose and belonging can offer truly high-quality services, which can satisfy our customers’ needs.”

the team

We are Shared Purpose.

Cristina Presales

Catalin Senior Consultant

Andreea Senior Consultant

Stefan Senior Consultant

Valentin Senior Consultant

Daniela ERP Senior Consultant

Catalin Safta
Catalin Safta senior consultant

Alexandru Senior Consultant

Gabi Consultant

Adelina Junior Consultant

Mihai Consultant

Andrei Consultant

Roland Consultant

Daniel consultant

Florentina Numbers Cruncher

Andrei Marketing & Copywriting

The industry does not wait. Neither should we.

Don’t let your guard down. We need professionals like you.

Doru Spac - IT Manager, Leumi Bank
Doru Spac – IT Manager, Leumi Bank

The pleasure, ease and motivation to work with the ‘Matricia people’ cannot be explained, but must be experienced.

Mariela Bucullei, Operations Director - Leumi Bank
Mariela Bucullei, Operations Director – Leumi Bank

OnBase = Everything is possible, just ask.

Daniel Crisan - Finance Manager, Scandia
Daniel Crisan – Finance Manager, Scandia

The Matricia team delivers results of the highest quality through their professionalism and knowledge. They have a deep understanding of business needs and always respect the agreed constraints.

Edouard Chapuis, Infomed Fluids
Edouard Chapuis, Infomed Fluids

Always a pleasure to be next to our best partner that I’ve ever managed.

Guray Turan, Regional Manager - Hyland Software
Guray Turan, Regional Manager – Hyland Software

They are the most knowledgeable partner I know. Definitely one of our best partners in the world. Their technical capabilities on OnBase are outstanding!

Pierre Francois - Sales Solutions Engineer, Hyland Software
Pierre Francois – Sales Solutions Engineer, Hyland Software