Manage All Retail-Specific Document-Centric Processes, and Everything Else Around Them with OnBase

Used by over half of Fortune 100, and 25,000 other global organizations, Hyland’s platform can be configured to handle all of the needs your ERP can’t.
It will:

Centralize all product documentation – warranty certificates, quality and conformity certificates, delivery slips, batch notes, etc
Ensure that the right people have access to the right documents at the right time, through online portals for customers or directly by employees.
Traceably automate flows for delivery, procurement, or warranty repairs and replacements.
Allow you to scale and configure new applications for all kinds of process- or content-centric needs.
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Integrates with your ERP

OnBase integrates with your ERP, be it natively with SAP or Microsoft solutions, or through robust APIs for any other existing ERP system. OnBase augments and empowers your ERP by leveraging qualitative information too – documents, information, knowledge, emails, videos, images – and relates them to data from your ERP.


Integrates with your
Customer Portal

OnBase integrates with your customer portal to deliver the right documents and automate the right processes a click-away from the clients who need them.


The Power of Class-Leading Document Management

OnBase unifies your content around meta-data, making it easily retrievable through search, or through logical relations across files. Just search for the product and you will find all related documents…or for the batch…or for the shipment or delivery date…


One Platform for All Your Future Needs

OnBase is a flexible, scalable platform enabling the low-code/no-code configuration of applications to fulfill any process or document-centric needs. From HR to Procurement and Asset Management, OnBase will scale to assist you.

Find out what OnBase can do in your company alongside manufacturing or engineering processes.

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