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3 Ways the Certified Electronic Signature Can Change Processes in Your Organization

Electronic signatures save time & money by eliminating physical paperwork. They're secure, compliant with EU regulations & facilitate digital onboarding.

3 Ways the Certified Electronic Signature Can Change Processes in Your Organization
Written by Matricia on Apr 09, 2019

Qualified electronic signature is a system by which your employees or customers can sign a document in a way safer than conventional without the need to that document should exist in physical form.

How does it work?

  1. You register in the digital signature system by adding unique identification data: name, surname, mobile, email, CNP, country, locality, scan after the identification document;
  2. You receive an SMS authentication code. From now on, you can sign any digital document;
  3. Press the button to digitally sign the corresponding document;
  4. Generates the hash of the PDF document to be signed;
  5. A Terms and Conditions file is automatically generated by the service;
  6. A document is generated that will be presented to the customer. It will be digitally signed together with the PDF document for which the task was launched in OnBase;
  7. OnBase captures the code received by the client via SMS, which will authorize the signature by the CertSign service;
  8. A signature authorization request is created based on the two hashes generated in the previous steps and the authorization code received by the client via SMS;
  9. Digitally sign the document with the signature received in response to the previous request.

3 Competitive Advantages Obtained by Electronic Signature

  • Paper can be completely removed from the organization’s processes. Regardless of the system you use, signing documents must be done in physical form. This means printing documents, signing and then scanning them. This small step in the process can be very costly for the company. With a qualified electronic signature, save employees’ time, mistake costs and achieve maximum efficiency.
  • It’s safe. Proof? The qualified electronic signature is issued according to the Regulation EU no.
    910/2014 (eIDAS). Certsign is a Quality Trust Service Provider and ensures the secure storage of the digital certificate on its own systems.
  • This is a key step towards digital onboarding . We see how more and more partners want to implement digital onboarding systems, so that customers can manage the relationship with the bank / insurer / remote leasing company, digitally, from the first to the last stage of process. In order to start a relationship with any customer, in addition to facial authentication, the Chatbots system and the system that automates the flow, you also need a platform through which customers can sign documents from the comfort of their homes, directly from the phone / computer . The electronic signature is the answer.