3 mins read

Why is content management a condition for success today?

Yes, many numbers, but relevant. They show the real transformation that is happening in business today. There are two clear...

2 mins read

Hyland and BluePrism: Partners for Integrated RPA

Hyland, a leader in content services, partners with Blue Prism, a leader in RPA, to provide a powerful automation and content...

2 mins read

5 Steps to Create a Culture of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is not just about software, but also cultural change, starting from leaders and involving collaboration,...

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What does the IT built around the customer really look like

Forrester Finds Leaders in Customer Experience (CX) Enjoying Growth

2 mins read

Leadership Crisis in Digital Transformation: What Studies Tell Us

WiPro has launched a new study that shows that leadership in digital transformation is in crisis.

6 mins read

8 Typical Mistakes in Digital Transformation (and How They Can Be Fixed)

This year, organizations will invest in the area of 1.3 trillion dollars trying to operate more efficiently, innovate faster,...

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Unlocking Innovation: Tips for Transforming an Anti-Risk Culture

If the mantra of innovation is to celebrate failures as a catalyst for success, how do we bring innovation to stuck...

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Case Management in 3 Simple Steps

It is becoming increasingly clear to us that case management is becoming an essential part of the digital transformation....

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CIO Agenda in 2019: 6 Key Elements to Strengthen the Digital Business

Discover the 6 key elements for CIOs to navigate IT changes in 2019 and achieve sustainable competitive advantage, based on...