3 mins read

Accounts Payables: Quality, efficiency and productivity.

Learn how measuring AP process performance can drive improvements in quality, efficiency, and cost savings. Discover how...

2 mins read

2 Things You Need to Know About Digital Onboarding

This term appears more and more often in our projects: ‘digital onboarding’. Many banks, insurance and leasing companies want...

2 mins read

3 Ways the Certified Electronic Signature Can Change Processes in Your Organization

Electronic signatures save time & money by eliminating physical paperwork. They're secure, compliant with EU regulations &...

1 min read

5 Ways to Transform the Contract Management Process

The International Association for Contract and Trade Management has found that poor contract management can affect the bottom...

1 min read

10 Years of Matricia, 10 Years With You

In November we celebrated 10 years since we are dedicated to a single goal, to offer your organization secure IT solutions,...

2 mins read

2 unpleasant truths that the IT team needs to know before choosing an ECM solution

In the last ten years, IT teams have made decisions to buy business IT solutions to combat their historical reputation as...

2 mins read

Most RFPs will not identify the right solution

RFPs for ECM solutions are limited in evaluating supplier fit and problem-solving approach. Understanding supplier and product...

1 min read

Smart solutions, smart capture

Discover how intelligent capture systems automate and validate data, bringing reduced costs, better collaboration, increased...

1 min read

4 Ways a CFO can maximize ROI by automating vendor invoice processing

Automating vendor invoice processing boosts profitability. Consider discounts, use payment data for cash management, build...



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