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Smart solutions, smart capture

Discover how intelligent capture systems automate and validate data, bringing reduced costs, better collaboration, increased security, and compliance.

Smart solutions, smart capture
Written by Matricia on Jan 19, 2019

An integral part of the digital transformation strategy is the way you enter information into business system. Do you have a team that takes the time to do it manually? Intelligent capture systems extract data from documents and validate them automatically and easily This article produced by AIIM, discusses the history of data capture, how it has evolved and become a truly intelligent solution and what benefits it brings to your company. Even when you have a mature Enterprise Content Management solution, it may be time to evaluate the maturity of the capture system - how you enter the information into the system so that it reaches the hands of key people when they need it.

Today, capture works as if it had a brain. This capture generation, known as smart capture, uses advanced algorithms and data extraction to read and validate content, understanding the context and knowing the operations. It is reliable, accurate and able to work with thousands of documents.

In the beginning, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) was the new way for solutions to read a document. The technology has evolved, with additional functions such as the ability to store from document to document where it has identified data, being able to learn and work independently, without the need for a user to tell him every time "where" to look at the document to find the information. The solution uses rules and an understanding of the context to identify and process important information.

There are four major benefits that this type of technology brings to the organization, especially when it is integrated into an Enterprise Content Management system such as OnBase:

  • Reduced processing costs due to automation.

  • Better collaboration and accessibility

  • Increased security and increased data accuracy

  • Immediately link history content to maintain compliance.